Performance Art

Cirque Roots Studio

Cirque Roots Studio and Productions is a local grassroots artist collective whose studio is homed in one of the largest and oldest Adobe’s in southern Arizona at the historic Splinter Brothers Warehouse in downtown Tucson. Cirque Roots was founded in 2011 with the vision to inspire and create conscious connections in the community through movement and dance. Cirque Roots is co-owned by three fabulous women who are proud to own and operate a local business and continue to be best friends in life and creative circus inspired endeavors! The Cirque Roots performance crew has collectively been performing together for almost 7 years! This crew is full of heart and love and have traveled and performed both nationally and internationally!

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The Sacred G’s

If music is a universal strategy to release the deepest connectivity with one’s feelings, thoughts, emotions and Self, then dance is its physical manifestation. The Sacred G’s are a collective of urban dancers, dedicated to fusing Hip-Hop and Sacred movement. With openhearted messages in their movement for humanity, they create to hold space for inspiration, growth, empowerment and peace.

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Arkansas Circus Arts

Arkansas Circus Arts, LLC was founded in 2013 as Re-Creation Studios by entrepreneur, circus artist, and Little Rock native, Camille Rule. Arkansas Circus Arts mission is to empower others and build community using Circus Arts as a unique tool to strengthen physical and mental health, as well as nurture creative and artistic expressions. ACA strives to contribute to the cultural enrichment of performance art by offering professional level circus-style entertainment throughout the state of Arkansas. This will be Arkansas Circus Arts third year performing at Gem and Jam and this year they are bringing more folks from their crew with stilts, fire, acrobatics and aerial arts!

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Jessica Packard

Professional Hula Hooper, Fire Dancer & Stilt Walker

Jessica’s journey into the world of circus arts surfaced at a young age. She began performing and practicing movement arts at age four. This passion ignited in-depth background in jazz, ballet, tap, modern, show choir, and acrobatic cheerleading. Since 2009, she has been training in various circus arts. Jessica currently works as a full-time professional entertainer. She has performed at festivals with audiences of 40,000 people and has traveled to major cities to entertain at exclusive parties like the Super Bowl.

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Evan Davis

Evan Davis is a prop manipulation artist based out of Boulder Colorado. Practicing prop manipulation for 6 years, his main focus is bringing geometric shapes to life with light and fire. Notable performances include Summer Camp Music Festival, Sonic Bloom, Camp Bisco, and Electric Forest.

Sarah Mays

Sarah Mays is a multi-talented performing artist and dance instructor from Santa Cruz, California. Sarah is an impressive artistic force. She approaches the circus arts with grace and professionalism. Early in life, Sarah found a deep love and passion for gymnastics and many different styles of dance. With over twenty years of experience as a dancer and performer, she incorporates a strong performance background into her teaching style. Sarah is skilled in aerial silks, corde lisse(rope), pole, hammock, cube, fire dance, burlesque, singing, songwriting and choreography. Keep an eye out for this star, you never know when you will catch a glimpse of her flying through the sky.

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Nikki Nerida

Nikki Nerida dives deep into the ancient scripts of communication through vibration; by channeling sacred messages of the divine feminine through movement and expression. Engaging awareness into the present moment, she facilitates immersion towards the heart for the connection to source to gracefully prevail.

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Miss MichelleBell

Miss MichelleBell is a fire dancer and circus artist originally from Chicago. She relocated to Las Vegas in 2014 where she has performed at nearly every major casino up and down the strip and with groups such as Cirque Mechanics, Luma, FirenIce and many more. She’s a fire bending, handstanding, sassy classy, party enthusiast and hula hoop extraordinaire. You don’t want to miss her show!


Abbie Mae

Abbie Mae is an aerialist, fire, and flow arts dancer from the San Francisco Bay Area. She will be performing her second year with Gem and Jam Festival 2017! She radiates a reflection of her passion for arts through her performance. As a child, she was a competitive gymnast for 8 years. After high school she was inspired by the diversity of artists in her home city of Santa Cruz, CA and began learning hoop dance as well as dancing with fire. Her goal has been to find a way to incorporate all the skills she was learned over the years, and blend them in with her performance. Abbie Mae saw her first circus performance in 2012 at Lightning in a Bottle Music Festival and it ignited a fire in her soul that grows stronger every day! She began learning aerial silks in 2013, and began performing two years later. She has had the opportunity to perform at events in San Francisco with Camp Questionmark, Euphonic Conceptions, Trap City, and The Coo Coo Birds. She had her first festival performance at Gem and Jam 2016, and finished off her festival season performing at Northern Nights Festival. Abbie Mae believes that inspiration is what fuels our communities, and the more we keep each other learning and experiencing new depths of ourselves, the stronger our communities will be. Abbie Mae feels so much drive and compassion for arts because there are so many different ways to push yourself and do things you thought at one point were impossible.

Tres Amun

Tres Amun is a Circus Prayformer living in Tucson, Arizona spreading passion and excitement with a solid dose of alchemical healing through fire and joy. You’ll find him swirling with a staff, swords, rope dart, juggling, stilting about as a giant, or every combination. With a movement style rooted in capoeira, martial arts discipline, and a generous amount of shaking it all out on the dance floor, a laugh or a cheer is readily near!


Taylor Rose

Taylor Rose is a professional performance artist living in Huntington Beach, CA. Her skills include aerial silks, lyra, hammock, contortion, fire dancing, hula hooping, and GoGo dancing. She discovered the aerial arts in 2014 and has been hooked eversince! Taylor Rose has been performing professionally for two years and has already performed at some of the largest festivals in the United States. Taylor Rose cannot be anymore more excited to be bringing her art to her hometown
of Tucson, AZ at Gem and Jam this year!

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Erin is a lifelong dancer. As a native Tucsonan, she spent much of her childhood exploring the majestic Sonoran Desert. She draws inspiration from the movements of nature~ a gentle breeze, blossoms unfolding, billowing clouds, thundering lightning… She dances in joyous celebration of the magnificence of being alive.

Audel “Groovee Smyles”

Audel “Groovee Smyles” loves to perform with the local Cirque Roots crew while on stilts and or playing with fire. Audel has been performing all her life, but more recently her creative endeavors involve her love of circus arts. Audel’s focus for now is either associated through her work in the Tucson community as a therapist or you can find her upside down, galavanting on her stilts, doing some flashy acro-yoga or eating fire! Either way she will be spreading smiles through her heart shaped glasses!


Melissa “Wednesday”

Melissa “Wednesday” started hula hooping one day and found she couldn’t put it down! After finding a local circus center, she tried to learn all I could about hula hooping and more. Now Wednesday performs a variety of skills including fire spinning, acro yoga, stilts, and aerial arts. Melissa “Wednesday” continues to grow and find passion in circus every day. Melissa is part of the local Cirque Roots Performance Crew!!


BlissFlow Fae

BlissFlow Fae enchants and inspires with hoop dance, fire dance, partner acrobatics, and aerial arts. Combining multiple movement disciplines, BlissFlow creates dynamic acts and heartfelt performances and is based out of Denver Colorado and it’s her 3rd year performing at Gem and Jam!

Take Flight Yoga & Movement

Take Flight Yoga & Movement is a training and performance company based in Tucson AZ. Members Sarah Carter, Mica Brinson & Thomas B are excited and honored to be performing at this years Gem and Jam festival. Be sure to catch Thomas B playing on Saturday afternoon with Onism Qi on the Quartz stage!

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Brittany Quidang

Rapid hair flips, unexpected back bends, and synchronized isolations have scored Brittany Quidang aka Bekieu a reputation for being a dramatic, emotional, yet powerful dancer. “Paranormal dance activity” is how she describes her ability to capture rhythm and embody vibrational sound through traces of sacred geometry, ancient mandalas, and hand mudras. Her self-taught flow intricately combines the techniques of lyrical hip-hop, tribal belly dance, contemporary and interpretive dance to form a improvisational experience unlike any other. In just the past few years Bekieu has performed at many acclaimed music festivals including Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle, Sonic Bloom, Gem and Jam, Lucidity, Serenity, Firefly Gathering, Electric Daisy Carnival, Transcendence, Life is Beautiful, 5 Points Gathering, and more. As a body image advocate and social awareness enthusiasts her undying passion for self-acceptance, individuality, and gender empowerment is the fuel to her every movement. In every performance it is her mission to inspire and serve as a reflection for others. Through expressive routines and theatrical techniques she aims to encourage audiences to express themselves and find the wild beauty within. Bekieu’s performance abilities are more than just a dance, it is a reflective, interactive journey crafted to mesmerize viewers through movement within sound.