About Gem & Jam


We want Gem & Jam to be a role model in the event industry by considering the impacts and issues associated with our event and working to minimize them where possible. Gem & Jam aims to be a positive example of conscious business practices and take advantage of the opportunity to transfer these principles to our staff, attendees and greater AZ community.


Gem & Jam will address our biggest weaknesses and our biggest opportunities related to sustainability. We will create a team dedicated to these issues and work systematically to improve our efforts each year while working diligently to exploit the knowledge transfer opportunity to extend our efforts beyond the event. Gem & Jam believes that it is important to contribute to a world where environmental, societal, and economic qualities exist in balance to meet the resource needs of today and of future generations. Fundamentally, we recognize that we contribute to society as an event of social and cultural celebration. Therefore, we believe it is important to lead and educate by example, while inspiring people to become active and do more to benefit this world.


The sustainable development principles by which an organization stands

Environmental Values

  • Total Waste Reduction/Diversion
  • Water Conservation
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions
  • Being a good environmental steward to our property and Tuscon

Social and Cultural Values

  • Ensuring the safety of our team and attendees
  • Community engagement with AZ Organizations
  • Create educational opportunities via workshops
  • Institutionalize sustainability culture through staff, volunteer (green team), and messaging initiatives


  • Focusing on partnerships with local businesses
  • Purchasing decisions related to:
  • Fair trade/labor standards
  • Ethical businesses
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Using sponsors that have defined CSR/Sustainability policies